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2018 Emerging Creatives Student Summit

Spectacle and the Collective Experience  

February 15-18, 2018

SUMMIT schedule  

The summit consists of guest panels, onsite presentations, and small group work throughout.

Apply Now!

POP-UP speakers  

Have a quick 3-5 minute research presentation on the summit theme? Raring to go with your research, story, or creative connection? Graduate students accepted into the summit may apply for one of three spots to fuel the fire of your fellow emerging creatives’ work. 

WHAT it's all about

Emerging Creatives Student Summits bring together students who have an interest in the arts, crossing disciplinary boundaries, and developing collaborative projects. 

Student Challenge GRANT

a2ru is pleased to offer funding for projects developed by teams at the 2018 summit to continue on team members' home campuses after the summit concludes. Find additional information, criteria, and grant application tutorial (which includes the application link).

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